Items are rented a la cart so that you can build a package that suits your needs for that special event.

Dinner Plate                       $1.50

Salad Plate                          $1.00

Dessert/Bread Plate         $1.00 

Fruit Bowl                           $1.00

Cup/Saucer                        $2.00


Platters                               $2.00

Casseroles/Bowls              $2.00

Sugar/Creamer Sets          $2.00

Gravy/Sauce Boats           $2.00


Silver Plated Flatware       $0.50/item


Dinner Forks             Salad Forks

Dinner Knives           Teaspoons

Sugar Spoons            Serving Utensils 

Butter Knives


Delivery/Pickup                $1.00/place setting

Table Setup                        $1.00/place setting



After consultation a quote will be provided including all rental pricing, fees and deposits.


Upon acceptance of the quote, a signed rental contract is required along with a deposit of 50% of the quote to hold items for your date (nonrefundable). The remainder will be due 14 days prior to the event. In addition, a refundable security deposit of 20% of the quote will be required from which charges for damaged or missing items will be deducted and the remainder refunded.


China and flatware is rented for a 48 hour period. 


Damages: Missing or damaged items will incur a charge of 5x the rental rate (i.e. $1 salad plate replacement $5).


The charge for delivery/pickup is $1/place setting (within a 50 mile radius). Delivery/pickup times and locations will be determined by parties and indicated in the contract.


China will be delivered clean and ready to use. The China patterns have been carefully coordinated.  If you choose to set tables yourself, look for the corresponding numbers on the backs of the china. Table setting service is available for $1/place setting.


After the event all items are to wiped (never scraped) with a damp cloth, wrapped and replaced in the bins and ready for pick up at the agreed time and location.

Miss Match Vintage is a china rental site for parties, gatherings, and events. For more information, contact Cindy Reis at:

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